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A lead company born out of frustration with lead companies.

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We provide the highest quality .
leads on the market. Period.
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No long term contracts
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No pre payments

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For licensed solar contractors, signing up with Grid Freedom is 100% free.

About Grid Freedom

Our system connects buyer and seller in a professional way. For licensed solar contractors with solid reputations and great customer service, we deliver on site evaluations with qualified homeowners.

About Grid Freedom

How is Grid Freedom different than other lead
generation services?

We’ve been in your shoes.

After suffering through years of frustration and expense on the buy side from traditional lead generation companies in multiple industries, we decided to fix the problem. We set out to provide the leads that no lead company could ever provide for us. No more chasing the same lead five other contractors are chasing. No more homeowners confused by who you are and why you’re calling. No more unqualified leads period. No contracts, no pre payments, and no purchase minimums. Oh, and no lopsided return policies either! Only 100% exclusive, pre-set appointments, with homeowners that are waiting eagerly for their on site evaluation.

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We are now the largest solar installer in the state, and it's because of Grid Freedom!

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