How the Coming Storm Season Can Help You Make Solar Sales

Fall has brought blustery winds and rain, and in some parts of the country, blizzards are just around the corner. Few people enjoy the hassles that these conditions can cause. But for solar contractors, they can be the key to great Solar Panel Lead Generation.

How Storms Put Strain on Homeowners

When bad weather hits, residents can deal with a long list of headaches. They may have to spend extra money to stock up on supplies, in case roads are closed off, their homes are snowed in, or the power goes out.

In especially harsh climates, some homeowners have to go for days without power when a bad storm passes through. They need to rely on candles, flashlights, and lanterns to provide illumination, and wood fires for warmth. This leads some people to invest in generators. However, those aren’t a foolproof solution.

Generators require fuel to run. Natural gas generators can be hooked up to the gas grid, but even that infrastructure may have trouble during a severe storm. Other generators will require homeowners to go out and purchase fuel tanks, but it isn’t always possible to stock up in time for surprise weather.

Contractors Should Promote Solar as the Best Solution to Storm Power Outages

This is where solar panels and accompanying battery storage systems can help homeowners get through the season’s toughest times. There’s no need to worry about outside fuel sources: solar systems with storage are fully independent power generators.

They’re also eligible for more financial incentives than generators. Though some states offer their own tax credit for home generators, the federal government reserves their credits for renewable energy installations.

If you’re a contractor located in a stormy climate, approach your customers with a focus on highlighting how useful solar can be in the season’s inevitable blackouts. Using this strategy will help you make more sales in the coming months – especially important, given that business always slows down this time of year.

Grid Freedom Helps Contractors Weather the Slow Season

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