Preparing for Partnership 6 Questions to Ask Your Solar Marketing Company

If you’re considering partnering up with a solar marketing company, then you’ve likely done your homework on the benefits of buying solar leads. But have you done your homework on the company you’re considering?

Before you pull the trigger, make sure that you take some time to vet the agency you’re thinking of cooperating with. A simple conversation with one of the company representatives can shed a lot of light, especially when you ask the 6 targeted questions listed below.

1. What is Your Process for Generating Leads?

Ask the rep to describe their typical process for generating leads. What methods do they use to attract prospective customers? Does it seem like they use strategy and focused marketing to reach the most likely solar buyers? Listen for signs that their generation process is effective and thought-out.

2. How Thoroughly do You Screen Each Lead Before Sale?

Some agencies don’t screen their leads at all before handing them over to contractors, or they use a very basic verification check that only ensures the contact information is authentic. The ideal agency should use a thorough qualification process that includes personally reaching out to leads and seeing whether or not they are serious buyers.

3. What do You do to Maximize my Chances of Making a Sale?

Aside from qualifying the leads, does the agency do anything else to verify or improve their quality? For example, the Grid Freedom team makes pre-set consultation appointments with the leads, making it so the leads are already prepared to meet with contractors on a specific date.

4. Are Your Leads Fully Exclusive?

Not all solar marketing companies sell 100% exclusive leads, even when they advertise that they do. Make sure that the “exclusive” leads they’re offering aren’t actually being sold to other contractors too.

5. How Many Long-Term Customers do You Have?

One of the best signs of an effective and reputable agency is a healthy number of long-term customers. That means that they’ve won the trust of many contractors, and have leads worth buying over and over again.

6. What are Your Purchasing Terms?

What’s the fine print on the deal you’re considering? Are there any binding terms? Ideally, you should be looking for a company that doesn’t lock you into long-term contracts or purchase minimums. This is always the case at Grid Freedom.

Know That You’re Dealing with a Trusted Solar Marketing Company

By asking these questions before making your partnership official, you can ensure that the solar marketing company you’re dealing with is not only trustworthy, but also able to deliver great results for your business.

Here at Grid Freedom, we don’t just follow the best practices for generating and selling solar leads, we set the standards. Our company goes far beyond many in the industry, working hard to guarantee that you’re getting leads that give the highest ROI possible.

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