How to Combine Solar Lead Generation with Helping Your Community

The first half of 2020 has been tough for everyone. As we look around our communities, we see so many ways that our neighbors are struggling, but also many ways in which people are working together.

Solar contractors are in a special position to help their towns with the unique expertise, skills, and products they bring to the table. And with the right approach, a bit of generosity can actually boost your solar lead generation, too.

Give Back to Your Neighborhood

If there ever was a time for your business to practice pure altruism, now is it. You can show your support for your home through volunteering and donations. Willing team members can help drop off groceries and supplies to vulnerable members of the community, or your company could make a donation to the local food bank. Your town will appreciate and remember that your team lent a helping hand.

Petition for Community Solar Projects

Summer energy bills are even harder for residents to afford right now. You can alleviate the pressure on your neighbors by working to get a community solar project up and running. This will not only increase your company’s profile and get the word out about solar savings, it will also help many members of your community get access to more affordable power when every penny counts. You can approach your county officials to propose a project and get the ball rolling.

Support Local Farmers and Businesses

Small businesses are especially at risk right now, and should band together to get through this tough time. Working out a deal to provide your most vulnerable local businesses with solar power can help them lower their overhead costs and stay open.

Make Special Offers for Homeowners

The rocky employment situation right now has made it much harder for many homeowners to afford a full solar installation. See what you can do about offering special financing deals, or even alternative installation options to make solar more accessible for these customers.

For example, some may not be able to cover the cost of a traditional installation, but putting up a few panels as patio and window overhangs could help them cut down on their home’s energy bills by providing extra shade and generating a good chunk of electricity.

Outsource Your Solar Lead Generation

With so much going on right now, you don’t have as much time to devote to marketing your business. You’d rather invest your energy in helping your community and ensuring that your company can keep its employees safe and working. This is where a partnership with a solar marketing agency can be a great help.

Agencies like Grid Freedom take over the entire process of solar lead generation so that you can turn your attention to more pressing matters. We deliver leads that you can count on for excellent success rates and high ROI. Get the Leads You Need Today at

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