Florida’s Net Metering Veto Keeps Contractors Afloat

Back in March, we reported on plans to cut net metering benefits in Florida. House Bill 741 was set to bring a phase-out of net metering for residential customers, dramatically reducing the incentive for local homeowners to purchase solar. The bill passed through the state legislature, and was expected to be signed into law by Governor DeSantis (R).

However, in an unexpected turn, DeSantis responded with a veto. His reasoning hinged on economic fairness toward constituents: “Given that the United States is experiencing its worst inflation in 40 years and that consumers have seen steep increases in the price of gas and groceries, as well as escalating bills, the state of Florida should not contribute to the financial crunch that our citizens are experiencing…”

Why is the DeSantis Veto Such a Shock?

The veto was a surprising move for a number of reasons. The first being that DeSantis has been historically against many policies that would contribute to the expansion of clean energy. Little headway has been made on clean energy legislation during his time in office.

Additionally, there’s the fact that the bill originated with GOP lawmakers, and is backed by Florida’s largest electricity company – a significant political donor. There was no expectation for DeSantis to move against political allies.

What Now?

Unfortunately, a veto from the state governor isn’t enough to eliminate the bill completely. It now goes back to the House, where a secondary vote can still push it through. It would take ⅔ support to override the veto.

In the meantime, Florida’s residents and solar installers can rest easy knowing that net metering is still available. However, they should still be prepared for an eventual passing of the bill should the Republican legislature be motivated enough.

For contractors, this means that it’s best to get a jump on leads now. If the end of the year brings bad news about House Bill 741, they will have had an opportunity to pad their rainy day funds. A loss of net metering benefits will cut down solar interest, drying up sales in an economy that’s already stressed.

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