How Will the New Anti-Climate Rulings Impact Solar?

From a local level all the way to the federal, opponents of clean energy have been behind a recent spate of anti-climate legislation. Indiana ended net metering for solar customers, and in California, there’s currently an attempt to phase out net metering benefits as well. But perhaps one of the biggest blows to the solar industry as a whole came when the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that would prevent the Biden administration from enacting its own version of the Clean Power Plan.

Federal Clean Power Goals Have Been Squashed

Biden’s Clean Power Plan was going to set specific goals via the EPA for reducing the carbon emissions of power plants. This was a part of his administration’s larger effort to achieve 100% clean energy and net-zero emissions by 2050.

However, the SCOTUS ruling of West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has now made that impossible. It has placed strict constraints on how and to what extent the EPA can regulate greenhouse gases. Leaders in the environmental and clean energy sectors are extremely worried that this ruling will be used to justify overturning rulings that allow federal agencies to enforce pollution regulations at all. 

Without the ability to uphold carbon emission targets, there will be far less incentive for power plants to convert to clean energy generation technologies. Plans for utility solar installations went from being necessary upgrades to inefficient investments overnight. Contractors that were counting on regulation-spurred growth in the utility sector are now on shaky ground.

Solar Lead Generation Companies Keep Contractors Afloat Through Uncertain Times

Solar installers that depend on utility projects for a significant portion of their income may need to expand their work in other sectors for the coming time. Luckily, the recent announcement of a 30% Solar ITC extension has renewed prospects in the residential market.

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