How Solar Installations Can Ease the Challenges of 2020

We’ve made it through the first half of 2020, but not without a lot of hardship. The entire country is struggling to find its footing in the middle of the pandemic. Ever-changing shutdown levels have been rocking the economy, and that includes the solar market.

Fortunately, sourcing solar installation leads from marketing companies like Grid Freedom can help you find stability in this uncertain time. Below, we take a look at several ways in which outsourced lead generation can solve some of the biggest problems facing contractors this year.

Keep Earning Despite the Recession

The solar market has taken a dive. After suffering many financial setbacks from the pandemic, many would-be customers just aren’t in a position to buy. This makes it exponentially tougher for solar contractors to find leads on their own right now.

But because solar lead agencies operate with 100% of their focus on lead generation, they’re able to have far more success finding promising customers, even in the hardest times. Teaming up with an agency can help you keep money flowing into your business, even when you’re having difficulty finding leads yourself.

Make Up for Lost Revenue

The social distancing restrictions put in place were of course necessary to keep our communities safe. However, the tightest phases of lockdown did cause many businesses to lose out on some or all of their usual revenue.

If your business was set back in this way, you have a lot of financial catching up to do. Getting extra leads from an agency can give you the opportunity to replace those losses so that you can get your accounts out of the red zone.

Build a Safety Net

The pandemic has shown that far too many businesses operate day-to-day, month-to-month. There is no financial margin available, and any disruption to their daily operations can plunge them into destitution fast. Many companies had to close their doors for good shortly after the Coronavirus lockdowns took effect.

If you want to avoid this pitfall and build a more resilient business, you’ll need to create a savings fund that can be used when the worst happens. The extra income that can be generated from outsourced leads can contribute to this fund.

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