To Survive the Pandemic Winter, You Need the Help of a Reliable Solar Marketing Company

Things looked so bright for the solar industry at the beginning of this year. But the pandemic turned those expectations upside down, bringing about months of struggle. Now that winter is coming, the outlook continues to be dim.

Economic Troubles Lie Ahead

Even though much of America re-opened and got back to work, millions remain jobless and many businesses are operating at reduced productivity. The small progress made in the economy isn’t stable.

Across the Atlantic, countries like France and Germany have had to enforce another shutdown to stall the spread of the coronavirus, disrupting their economies further. We may see a similar wave of second shutdowns hitting the states this winter as we deal with our own swell of coronavirus cases.

Recent projections indicate that America could see the virus death toll rise over 510,000 by February 2021. Many states, like Idaho, Colorado, and Wisconsin, are already overrun by COVID-19 patients and in danger of running out of ICU beds. And the heavy politicization of the pandemic indicates that the election results will have a significant influence on how these extreme conditions further develop.

Good Help is Needed to Secure Sales in a Tumultuous Season

For industries that rely on discretionary spending, the forecast doesn’t look good. Homeowners are going to be putting off expensive improvements like solar installations, especially when social distancing and inclement weather makes it less practical.

This means that solar contractors will have major difficulty turning up customers who are ready to buy – a significant threat, given that so many contractors suffered a meager summer.

Such a bleak scenario calls for a change in strategy. Solar contractors are a tough breed that like to pave their own way, but in this rocky period, keeping the business afloat may depend on seeking help.

As a solar marketing company with an established reputation for quality lead generation, Grid Freedom is poised to give contractors the support they need to get through the winter. Our process ensures delivery of only fully-verified leads that are already scheduled for consultation appointments. All uncertainty about buyer-readiness is eliminated. Your sales reps are provided with hot leads that are prepared for a pitch ASAP.

You don’t need to scrape by this winter. Help is just a click away.

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