Building Your Business Recovery Plan: How Will You Get Solar Panel Leads?

We’ve now entered the tenth month since the Coronavirus sparked mass economic disruption. After nine months of dealing with operation restrictions, supply chain gaps, and a steep drop in solar panel leads, many solar contractors have found themselves at a turning point.

Those who have managed to keep their doors open this long are viewing fall as a make it or break it season. But the challenge is daunting. Without the usual abundance of the summer high season, contractors will have to make up for a lot of lost revenue. Never mind the debts and other costs that accrued as a result of the pandemic.

If contractors want to ensure that their business can hold strong, they’ll need to implement a robust business recovery plan. And a critical aspect of this is strategizing how they will source money-making leads in a suffering market.

Making Your Lead Generation Plan

Drumming up new leads in a time like this requires diverging from the usual tactics. With so many homeowners struggling financially now, there’s a lot more work required to find customers who are not only interested in solar, but are financially capable of undertaking an installation.

This may be a problem when your team’s efficiency matters more than ever. If you’ve had to make staff cuts to lower your overhead, your team may be spread too thin to put extra time into identifying and screening leads.

Such a situation calls for outside help. With the assistance of an effective solar marketing partner, you can offload the entire lead-qualification burden. And since such agencies specialize in generating the most profitable leads, you can actually see better quality in the leads you source. Instead of devoting staff hours to hit-or-miss marketing, you can let reputable experts deliver leads that have the best chance of sale.

Choosing the Right Lead Source

The key to making this a reality is selecting a solar marketing company that has proven their ability to consistently generate great leads.

Grid Freedom, for example, has established a well-kown reputation for supplying lucrative customer connections to contractors across America. It’s why so many of our contractors are not only repeat customers, but rely on us for the majority of their leads, especially during the pandemic.

Our process leverages an intensive screening regimen consisting of personal phone calls with our agents. After prospects are verified as serious, desirable customers, they are scheduled for a consultation appointment.

As the contractor receiving your lead, all you need to do is attend the appointment. Everything is streamlined to provide you with a smooth, easy experience that maximizes the likelihood of you landing a sale.

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