How Solar Installers can sidestep the Competition

One of the biggest challenges facing solar contractors is competition. Since solar panels are quite a big investment for most homeowners, there’s a lot of motivation for them to find the best possible deal. This creates a highly competitive market, where contractors fight to undercut each other’s quotes, or secure deals before customers consult with other contractors.

But such a situation isn’t beneficial for contractors, and it can actually cause trouble for homeowners too. So what can installers do to remove competition from the equation?

Sidestep Competitors with Exclusive Solar Leads

There’s a solution available that makes it easy to keep other contractors away from your customers: purchasing exclusive leads directly from a solar marketing company.

Many contractors are already doing this and seeing great results. But plenty of others aren’t yet aware that the option even exists. They still think that competition is an inevitable inconvenience when it comes to sourcing and courting potential buyers.

Solar marketing companies are agencies dedicated to generating leads for installers. They do all the work required to attract leads, and the good ones also use an intense screening process to zone in on the leads that are the most likely to produce a sale.

The agencies that provide the best value for solar contractors take it one step further. Knowing that it’s not fair to charge contractors for leads they still need to compete for, top companies sell only exclusive leads. This means that each lead is sold to a single contractor, not shared among several.

With exclusive leads in hand, contractors can rest easy knowing that no other installers are going to “steal” them away. Such circumstances allow for a sales process that can proceed at a pace comfortable for the homeowners. There’s no need for pressure or rushing to the sale – contractors can instead focus on building up the relationship and winning the lead’s confidence.

Grid Freedom is Your Ultimate Source of Exclusive Leads

Here at Grid Freedom, we take special pride in the quality of our leads. We set up our contractors for success by not just providing exclusive leads, but also by delivering each lead already scheduled for a consultation.

All you need to do is show up to the appointment, ready to discuss with a homeowner who is excited about sealing a deal.

Outmaneuver the Competition with Top Leads: Get Started

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