Why Can’t More Solar Lead Companies Produce Quality Solar Leads?

There are many solar lead companies out there, but few of them are able to consistently produce high quality leads. They build their entire business on selling leads to solar contractors, so why aren’t more able to deliver leads that are actually worth buying?

Poor Lead Generation Techniques

Most solar leads are generated using affiliate marketing, as well as outbound cold calling done primarily by workers overseas. Many times this calling is done with old, previously-sold data purchased from other lead companies.

Leads pulled from this aged data are often dead ends, either because they already got a solar installation long ago, or they were turned down for financing when they tried to go solar in the past.

Lack of Control

Many solar marketing companies use affiliate partners as sources for leads. These affiliates are typically websites that show their own advertisements to pull leads in – advertising that the solar marketing companies have no control over.

These ads rarely match up with the actual offers that solar contractors can provide homeowners, since the ads commonly use tricks and gimmicks. It’s not uncommon to see promises of free solar installations or chances to win a prize.

All of this can mislead homeowners. When they realize the advertised offer is not actually available, they can become unreceptive to hearing from contractors.

No Proper Screening

In many cases, the leads sold to solar contractors have gone through very little or very poor screening. Most of the time, the homeowner’s information is sent to contractors the moment that lead fills out an online form. When screening is done, it is mainly conducted by offshore call centers staffed by workers who can’t communicate effectively or know what questions to ask.

A lack of proper screening makes it so that low-quality, dead-end leads get sold to contractors who are paying to find serious customers.

No Exclusivity

Truly exclusive leads are a rarity in the solar world. Most of the time, when solar lead companies advertise their leads as “exclusive”, they mean that they share it with only a few contractors. This makes it so that the contractors still have to compete for the lead, even though they’ve paid for exclusive access.

Grid Freedom: One of the Top Solar Lead Companies

Our team uses the industry’s best practices to avoid all of these pitfalls. Grid Freedom is able to provide top quality leads to solar contractors thanks to a  few golden rules:

  • We only source inbound leads. All leads are homeowners that come to us looking for information on how to go solar.
  • We don’t use affiliate marketing platforms.
  • We don’t cold call. We only call leads after they’ve reached out to us.
  • We speak to every homeowner. Our agents, stationed right here in New Jersey, take the time to talk with each homeowner to determine their eligibility and their property’s suitability for solar.
  • We prepare leads to talk to contractors by arranging pre-set consultation appointments. Every homeowner is waiting to hear from their contractor to confirm their appointment.
  • We sell only 100% exclusive solar leads. Once a lead is bought, it isn’t shared with any other customer.

Transform Your Solar Business: Get High Quality Leads from Grid Freedom Today

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