What’s Your Solar Sales Style

When it comes to making sales pitches, every solar sales rep has their own style. Do you know what yours is? Read on to see which persona sounds most like you, and how you can emphasize your strengths.

The Friend

The Friend focuses on building rapport with customer’s right from the start. Keeping things casual and friendly is the way that these reps make homeowners comfortable and win their trust. Ideally, when interacting with The Friend, homeowners feel like they can rely on them to be honest and advise for what’s in their best interests.

Tip: Beware of coming off as non-serious. Homeowners like friendly reps, but they also want to feel like they are talking to a reliable expert. Make sure that you strike the right balance by being informative and offering your professional insights.

The Informer

The Informer is a wellspring of information. Anything the homeowner needs to know is quickly answered and elaborated upon. Informers typically come to meetings armed with a variety of educational materials that can be used to expand the homeowner’s knowledge and clarify the process of going solar. This type of rep has natural credibility because they effortlessly showcase their expertise.

Tip: Avoid overwhelming customers with too much information. Solar energy and installations are complex topics, and it can be a lot for homeowners to absorb all at once. Strategize your approach so that you offer the right information and materials at the right time. This will prevent customers from backing off because they got confused and overloaded.

The Alarm Raiser

The Alarm Raiser focuses on the biggest pain point of homeowners: the money they’re losing by not going solar. They bring attention to how much homeowners are needlessly spending on electricity, and also emphasize how urgent it is to take advantage of tax credits before it’s too late.

Tip: Don’t get too pushy. Instilling a sense of urgency can help customers move forward, but too much pressure can scare them off. Respect your customer’s boundaries and give them space to make their decision.

Strengthen Your Solar Sales

By fine-tuning your sales approach, you can avoid common pitfalls and make more successful deals.

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