What’s the Problem: Your Pitches or Your Solar Installation Leads?

Being a solar contractor is a challenging job. Even when you’re on top of your game, it can take serious effort to make all of the sales needed to keep your company’s coffers full.

That’s why it can be a financial emergency when you start to notice that fewer leads are becoming paying customers. But solving the problem first requires an accurate diagnosis, something that may not always be clearly visible.

Luckily, the answer is usually one of two things: either your pitches are no longer effective, or the leads you’ve had coming in were never good candidates for sales.

Your Pitch Could be Missing the Mark

When customers decline to make a deal, some solar contractors default to thinking that either the person was never a serious buyer, or that the economy isn’t on their side. But often, it can be an uncompelling sales pitch that’s to blame.

Sometimes a pitch can be too aggressive, not giving customers enough time and information to feel confident about making a purchase. Or, a pitch can fail to address the priorities of the individual homeowner.

To check whether or not your pitches could use some improvement, try asking yourself these questions:

  • Does our sales team take the time to ask homeowners why they’re thinking about solar, and really listen?
  • Have we investigated what types of homeowners we usually encounter in our area, and built “customer profiles” based on their demographics?
  • Have we made a plan for which approaches will best address the various priorities and pain points of these different customer profiles?
  • Are we staying abreast of news that can affect people’s ability or desire to go solar?
  • Are we identifying unique local issues that could be motivation for going solar?
  • Do we provide customers with enough data and savings estimates to help them see the full value of solar?
  • Is every sales rep able to project the confidence and authority that fits the image of a trustworthy solar expert?

If your answers to these questions leave you feeling unsatisfied, then there’s some work to be done. Fortunately, fixing any of the issues above is relatively easy. It’s just a matter of building better habits and making sure your team is armed with the knowledge they need.

When Your Leads Just aren’t Good Enough

Sadly, in some circumstances, not even the most airtight pitches will get the job done. This normally happens when the lead you’re talking to isn’t a strong sales prospect.

There are a few big signs that a lead is a dud:

  • They’re hesitant to even make a consultation appointment
  • Their lives seem chaotic (even if they’re interested, they may get too busy to follow through)
  • They don’t really have any questions or concerns, it feels more like they’re trying to wait out the conversation
  • They give a vague excuse of not being able to afford it, even after a good affordability plan has been drawn up for their situation

If it seems like you’re encountering far too many of these leads, then the problem lies in how you’re sourcing them. The screening process is weak (or maybe nonexistent), allowing unworthy leads to make it into your inbox.

Getting High Quality Solar Installation Leads can Make all the Difference

It’s remarkably easy to build a steady income of reliable leads when you outsource the job to a high-performing solar marketing company.

Grid Freedom, for example, delivers ready-to-meet leads by first putting them all through phone call screening, then setting up appointments with the most promising prospects. Contractors need only arrive at the scheduled appointment, where they’re then welcome to make their pitch. It’s a recipe for the highest chance of success.

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