Does Exclusivity Matter for Solar Leads When You Have a Strong Sales Team

If you’re a lucky solar contractor, you’ve got a sales team you can be proud of: armed with top notch persuasive skills and an intuitive sense for customers’ needs, they are masters at making deals.

With reps like these, it can be easy to think that your company will always come out on top when competing for leads. But this unfortunately isn’t the case. If you’ve got other contractors pursuing the same homeowners for installations, there is always a higher chance that your sales efforts (no matter how great) won’t end with profitable results.

This is why it’s always best to work with exclusive leads whenever possible – leads that aren’t being chased by your competition. Let’s dive deeper into how this situation comes to be.

How can Great Sales Tactics Still Fail against Inferior Competitors?

In a perfect world, solar sales would follow the principle of “may the best contractor win”. But many installers have learned the hard way that this isn’t what always happens in reality.

One of the most common reasons for this is that homeowners simply get overwhelmed. With many contractors competing for their business, these customers get inundated with calls and e-mails.

They get so swamped that they take one of the following actions: 1. they simplify things by picking the first contractor that reached them, or 2. they get so irritated that they shut down completely and give up on going solar. Not even the most likeable sales reps can convert a customer who already feels harassed.

In cases where homeowners aren’t overwhelmed, but are still being courted by other contractors, the best installers can simply lose out because of price. Some competitors will do anything to make a sale, even make lowball offers at their own expense. Since solar installations are already so expensive, it’s hard for homeowners to pass up on the savings.

Exclusive Solar Leads Eliminate the Competition

Contractors who make a point of only working with exclusive solar leads set themselves up for success. Their masterful sales reps are free to rely on their skills and build rapport with customers, not race against the clock to beat out other contractors.

It’s a situation that results in satisfaction for everyone: homeowners get a low-stress experience where they can stay focused with a single contractor, and installers get to close more deals.

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