How to Spot Homeowners Who are Ready to Go Solar

When you’re meeting with homeowners to talk about solar installations, it can be tricky figuring out which ones are really on track for the sale. Luckily, looking out for a few key behaviors can help you easily identify the homeowners who are truly committed to going solar.

They’re Focused
A homeowner who listens to you intently and gives you their undivided attention is a good sales prospect. When going solar is important to a person, they want to hear your pitch and your expert insights. Nodding while you speak, confirming what you’ve said, and taking notes, are all strong signs of a person who takes what you have to say seriously.

They’ve Got Questions
Solar panels are a big investment, and purchases of that size aren’t usually made without a lot of consideration. Homeowners who are ready for a solar installation are likely to have already done some research. They’ll have questions ready, and will often ask you to verify what they’ve learned elsewhere.

If a homeowner doesn’t have any questions, that should be a red flag. It’s most likely a sign that they’re just trying to get the meeting over with as quickly as possible.

They’re Eager to Move On
You won’t have a problem taking the next steps forward with a homeowner who’s ready to buy. They won’t be wishy-washy about setting the next appointment or promising a decision by a certain date. And they’ll happily accept any “homework” they need to do to prepare for the next meeting or the installation.

They Want to Make it Work
When it comes time to talk about price, they don’t immediately balk, even if it seems to be out of their budget. Homeowners who really want to buy will take the time to explore financial options. They’ll ask about possible money-saving measures, such as government tax credits or even discounts offered by your company. They’re focused on how they can afford the purchase, not on finding all the reasons why they can’t.

They Come from a Quality Source
You can tell a lot about how serious a homeowner is just by looking at where you got their information from. If you purchased their information from a reputable solar marketing company that only sells truly promising leads, then it’s already a sign that they’re a solid prospect.

If you want to ensure that every homeowner you meet with is serious about going solar, then the best option is to get all of your leads from an agency that only offers thoroughly qualified leads. Here at Grid Freedom, we have a meticulous process for finding homeowners who are ready and eager to get started with solar.

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