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Don’t Start the New Year Without a Plan for Getting More Solar Leads

The year of 2018 will be over soon. Does your solar business have a plan for getting more leads next year? If not, then there’s still time to work one out. The only way to make sure that your business improves is by forming strategies to make it happen. Below, we’ll give you some quick  Read the full article…

December 4, 2018
Joe Harris

3 Methods for Pulling in More Solar Installation Leads

Solar lead generation is a challenge, especially for small to mid-size contractors who don’t have big brand recognition. But if you’re in this boat, there’s plenty you can do to increase the amount of leads your business gets every month. In this post, we take a look at 3 effective methods for attracting more solar  Read the full article…

November 15, 2018
Joe Harris

Why Can’t More Solar Lead Companies Produce Quality Solar Leads?

There are many solar lead companies out there, but few of them are able to consistently produce high quality leads. They build their entire business on selling leads to solar contractors, so why aren’t more able to deliver leads that are actually worth buying? Poor Lead Generation Techniques Most solar leads are generated using affiliate  Read the full article…

November 15, 2018
Joe Harris

How to Spot Homeowners Who are Ready to Go Solar

When you’re meeting with homeowners to talk about solar installations, it can be tricky figuring out which ones are really on track for the sale. Luckily, looking out for a few key behaviors can help you easily identify the homeowners who are truly committed to going solar. They’re Focused A homeowner who listens to you  Read the full article…

July 31, 2018
Joe Harris

Top 4 Myths of Going Solar

When talking to homeowners about going solar, you’ve likely heard many of them voice concerns that were based on misconceptions. Unfortunately, there are a number of solar myths that still thrive today, despite solar technology having become far more established and well-known. Solar contractors should take this issue seriously. Believing myths about solar panels and  Read the full article…

July 3, 2018
Joe Harris

The Challenge With Solar Leads

Solar leads are a tool just like any other. If the wrong tool is used for the job, the job becomes difficult, frustrating, and unlikely to be done properly, if at all. We speak with solar installers day in and day out and the general consensus of small, medium, and large installers alike is just that — frustration when it comes to buying solar leads.

March 14, 2018
Joe Harris

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