How Did 2019 Influence the Solar Market?

Last year was a big one for solar. A report by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) showed that renewables dominated the new energy generating capacity in 2019. Many new projects were announced, and products too.

All of this growth has produced a great deal of change, which is now having an effect on the market of 2020.

Community Solar Brought New Options

It seemed as though news of multiple community solar projects hit every month in 2019. From the 6.1 MW installation coming to JFK airport, to the Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) proposing America’s largest community solar project yet, the rapid uptake of community solar seemed to herald a new era in which neighborhood residents have more than one way of gaining access to solar energy.

As not all homeowners can afford solar panel systems of their own, the option of community solar has made it possible for them to enjoy the cost savings and environmental karma of using clean power. We expect to see community solar become even more popular this year, giving contractors a whole new market segment to cash in on.

Blackouts Drove Up Solar Interest

The massive wildfires of 2019 had serious consequences. Even if nearby residents didn’t suffer fire damage, many still had to endure long periods of blackouts, caused by energy providers shutting down utilities to prevent new fires from starting.

This motivated many homeowners to search for solutions that would keep their homes powered even when their utility providers pulled the plug. Naturally, the spotlight fell on solar. This year, we anticipate that many homeowners may try to get solar installations finished before the next wildfire season hits.

ITC’s Phase-Out Sparked Customer Urgency

When homeowners considering solar found out that 2019 was the final year to get the full ITC (30%), many felt compelled to make the leap and start their projects as soon as possible. Even though the ITC has already gone down by 4% this year, there will still be homeowners who are looking to get their panels installed before it drops even further.

A bill to extend the ITC for another 5 years was proposed in the summer of 2019 and is currently pending review. It could be a long while before the extension gets approved (which isn’t guaranteed). Contractors will do well to emphasize to their customers that the safest and most economical course of action is to install now.

Thrive in the New Market of 2020 with Top Quality Leads

The influence of 2019 has brought a lot of challenges to the table. However, it has also created a wealth of opportunity for solar lead generation. Contractors can capitalize on these prosperous new pathways by building a steady income of best-in-class leads.

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