Contractors May See More Residential Solar Leads in Massachusetts

Solar is a big deal in Massachusetts. At the end of 2021, the state boasted a total capacity of 3,607 MW, and installations for 653,134 homes. The government has been working hard to make solar adoption a priority, and this has been reflected through its incentive-boosting policies.

Up until now, the state has provided net metering benefits to owners of solar systems, at a cap of 10 KW. But that cap has just been raised to 25 KW. This was done with the passing of Senate Bill 2819, also known as the “Act Driving Climate Policy Forward”, or the “Drive Act”.

Senator Adam Hinds explained that climate change was a major motivator for creating this new legislation: ““We are taking big steps because our climate crisis demands nothing less,” Hinds said. “The only way we transition to a green economy that creates jobs and reduces emissions is through the big investments and regulations laid out in this bill.”

In addition to bumping up the net metering cap, the act includes provisions for expanding solar installations on agricultural sites and sparking more offshore wind projects. The state will now also be issuing rebates for residents who purchase electric vehicles, and allocating funding for developing new charging stations.

Will the Drive Act Drive Up Solar Leads?

With the increased cap on net metering, solar adoptees stand to earn far larger rebates for their system’s production. Now, the eligible capacity is 2.5 times greater. 

This means that citizens who are interested in solar will now have a much stronger financial reason for doing so. Solar contractors are bound to see more leads pop up and convert into paying customers. Furthermore, an increasing number of installations will now be larger in size.

How Contractors Can Capture These New Leads

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