How Solar Contractors Can Thrive During the Coronavirus Lockdown

The coronavirus has dealt a huge blow to the economy. It’s why the government is already starting to talk about reopening parts of society. But this doesn’t mean things are going back to normal – the process will be gradual, and health experts are warning that more phases of social distancing will be needed over the coming year to prevent overwhelming waves of infections.

Solar contracting businesses have been on shaky ground already. Many are worried how they can even survive over the coming months, let alone make a profit. But with some smart management and changes, it is possible for contractors to do well, even with social distancing in place.

Get the Benefits You’re Entitled to

The government’s stimulus package has extended a number of benefits to small businesses that are struggling because of the lockdowns. Don’t neglect to seize these opportunities to protect your employees and your company’s financial stability.

Money for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) just ran out, but more funding is currently being negotiated. In the meantime, the USSBA is still helping small businesses connect to other resources.

Also, be sure to check with your state and local government if any other benefits are available to you. California, for example, is providing several aid options, including tax and debt relief programs.

Concentrate on Online Leads

Many states have temporarily barred the practice of knocking on doors to drum up solar leads. Even without this mandate in place, many homeowners don’t want to risk exposure by talking to solar contractors in person.

The best way to keep everyone safe while still getting plenty of leads is to focus on generating them online. It’s not only the healthier choice, it’s also a smart marketing strategy too: more homeowners are spending free time online than ever, meaning that you have an even larger audience with plenty of attention to give. Now is the time to pour your marketing efforts into YouTube videos, Facebook ads, Google search results, and many other channels.

Embrace Remote Technology

Generating leads online is one thing, but what about the next steps in the sales process? There are still ways that you can guide your customers onward without requiring in-person contact.

Some contractors are using remote-controlled drones to conduct their rooftop/installation site surveys, and others are using video call apps like Skype, Zoom, or Facetime to hold virtual consultations.

Find a Good Partner to Ease Your Burden

We already touched on the importance of changing up how you source leads in this period. But during such trying times, investing time and effort in new marketing strategies may not be efficient. By finding a reliable solar marketing partner, you can completely relieve yourself of the responsibility.

Working with an agency like Grid Freedom gives you a chance to source high quality solar installation leads without any effort on your part. We offer thoroughly pre-screened leads at affordable rates, so that you can minimize your spending and concentrate on closing deals.

Grid Freedom is here to help you. Contact us today to learn about the sales opportunities we have available.

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