Get a Fresh Start with Upgraded Solar Panel Lead Generation

As we enter the new year, many of us in the solar industry are calculating how to improve our business performance. Challenging circumstances have rendered the usual tactics less effective, creating a need for innovation.

If you’re a contractor, you’ve likely experienced a slump in sales over the course of 2021. And now, you’re trying to work out a way to improve your marketing’s solar panel lead generation.

Many who are in your shoes have turned to Grid Freedom as the surefire solution. Partnership with our agency is proving to help countless contractors who have suffered through prolonged periods of few prospects.

Streamline Your 2022 Lead Generation Process

Part of the trouble with ineffective lead generation is that it eats up so many resources. This creates a vicious cycle: You are investing manpower and funding in a process that is giving little ROI, leaving you even less able to afford it after each cycle. This forces you to shrink down your marketing budget. And without a robust marketing operation in play, you see fewer and fewer leads.

It’s easy for contractors to get stuck in this loop when they’ve only got themselves to depend on. But when you partner with an agency like Grid Freedom, you can affordably outsource the whole lead generation process to a specially-trained team with the power to pull in top quality customers. You no longer need to invest nearly as much in marketing, lead screening, or scheduling, because our team can handle it all.

Protect Your Business Against Economic Instability

Our industry has experienced a lot of ups and downs during the past year, and experts are predicting that there may be more trouble in store for 2022. If the market continues to suffer further due to a disrupted economy, finding eligible leads is going to get even more difficult.

Such conditions call for extra effort and extra hands. Calling in a professional team to help you level up your lead generation system will help you attain the security you need to keep earning. You won’t have to worry about dry spells, because you’ll have established a stable influx of customers who’ve been scouted for their profitability.

Grid Freedom offers contractors the safest terms on the market. All leads are 100% exclusive, keeping competition out of the equation. They’re sold on an as-needed basis without any contracts or purchase minimums. No lead gets through without first being screened by a live agent via a personal phone call, in which their convertability and qualifications are thoroughly assessed. All leads that pass the quality screening process are scheduled for their first appointment with the purchasing contractor, leaving no extra work to be done before showing up on-site.

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