How to Keep Your Solar Customers from Choosing the Competition

Solar installation is becoming an increasingly competitive business. The industry has grown tremendously in the past decade, and predictions only forecast steady growth from here. The current administration’s heavy investment in solar projects and jobs will add greatly to this swell, resulting in many more contractors serving homeowners all across the country.

Rebounding from the pandemic is also turning up the heat, as contractors who have struggled to get enough sales vie for the same diminished pool of customers. Some areas were hit harder than others, slowing down their regain of economic activity. Contractors in these locales are looking at a drawn out period in which leads are scarce.

It would be nice if there was plenty of work to go around in the solar community – after all, no crew wants to see other contractors fail. But today’s market conditions require a highly competitive approach if businesses want to succeed. So what can contractors do to ensure that the leads they invest in don’t choose other companies instead?

Listen and Adapt to Evolving Customer’s Needs

Current solar customers are quite diverse in their pain points and motivations for going solar. But it can be hard for some sales reps to adapt their pitch to speak specifically to these needs. Many companies also remain too rigid when it comes to the types of solar installations they offer.

These can be costly mistakes. Homeowners are going to choose the contractor that understands what they actually need and delivers an effective solution. Whether it’s a small garden array that can power outdoor irrigation and lighting, or a full-rooftop system with heavy storage for blackouts, being able to provide just what customers are looking for will keep them from feeling like another contractor can better meet their needs.

Get Flexible on Financing

Contractors should be making it as easy as possible for homeowners to afford and pay for a solar installation. With cost and funding friction removed, it is much easier to convert interested prospects into actual solar buyers.

Talk to your local banks about partnership for financing solutions. Having strong connections with your town’s popular institutions can majorly simplify the process for your customers when it comes time to apply for a loan.

Also be sure to stay up to date on the latest local and federal tax incentives and other programs that can lower the cost of solar. It’s especially effective if you can provide homeowners with clear, easy-to-understand materials that explain how these programs work and what steps they need to follow to take advantage of them.

All of this can make a big difference when homeowners assess whether you’re the right contractor to choose. When you’ve already paved the way for them to fund their project without a hitch, they’ll have confidence that your team will offer the most satisfying experience.

Source Leads That Have Already Been Isolated

Perhaps the most effective way to cut off the competition is to get your leads from a source that has already secured them exclusively. Look for solar marketing companies that generate their leads in-house (as opposed to purchasing from other lead distributors), and that only sell each lead to a single contractor.

Such an arrangement can ensure that you’re getting solar sales leads that never even appear on your competitors’ radar. You’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing that you can take your time nurturing each lead, creating the best conditions for conversion.

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