Why Grid Freedom Only Offers Exclusive Solar Leads

As one of the industry’s most trusted sources of quality solar leads, we here at Grid Freedom take pride in our high standards. That’s why we only sell leads that meet the strictest criteria for sales potential. To further maximize the value we deliver to contractors, all of our leads are 100% exclusive: they are never sold or otherwise shared with other contractors.

But why is this so important? Below, we lay out exactly why offering only exclusive leads is the key to providing contractors like you with the highest level of sales success.

The Rarity of Exclusive Leads

There are many solar marketing companies out there, but few of them offer exclusive leads – even if they claim to. Many of these agencies that do advertise their leads as exclusive still sell access to other contractors.

This leaves contractors paying for something they’re never delivered: leads that come without the worry of competition.

Eliminating the Competition

Exclusivity is critical if contractors want to maximize their chances of making a solar sale. They can take their time with the customer, focusing on building the relationship and making them feel comfortable about going solar.

When leads aren’t exclusive, the whole dynamic shifts. Contractors are then in a race against each other, trying to win the sale before another installer takes it for themselves. The sales approach becomes pressurized, and this often leads to customers feeling anxious and rushed. Contractors must figure out how to strike the perfect balance: aggressive enough to beat the competition, but not so aggressive that the homeowner shuts down.

This scenario doesn’t help contractors make the most sales. It’s for this reason that we choose to offer only exclusive solar leads. We want our contractors to be able to grow their businesses and get the highest possible ROI.

The Grid Freedom Difference

When you source your leads from Grid Freedom, you can rely on a lead-generation system that is built on integrity. From our commitment to exclusivity to our intensive qualification process, everything we do is designed to deliver you leads with the best potential.

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