Why Pre-Set Appointments are the Key to Solar Sales Success

As most solar contractors know, generating new sales leads is a hard grind. So much time, effort, and expense goes to developing lead magnets – whether they be online advertisements or mail-out flyers. And once these magnets go live, contractors don’t always get the returns they were hoping for.

It often happens that only a relatively small number of leads come in as a result. This makes it so that installers can’t quite afford for a portion of the leads to be duds.

But that’s inevitable, at least when it comes to generating leads on your own. So when it comes time to follow up with the leads by getting them on the phone, contractors can struggle to get once-interested customers to even book a consultation.

Between the point of starting a lead generation campaign, to the point of getting leads booked for meetings, such a large amount of resources are spent that contractors feel they can barely justify the investment. 

What if You Could Get Leads with Sales Appointments Already Booked?

The good news is that you can cut out the entire lead generation process on your end.

  • No more strategizing what sort of advertising will turn up the most leads.
  • No more spending on expensive marketing materials.
  • No more dead-end calls with prospects who back out once it’s time to set up a consultation.

It can all be eliminated when you start sourcing leads from Grid Freedom. We are the leading solar marketing company that take all the work off your plate by not only attracting and screening leads, but also by personally reaching out and setting up appointments for your consultations with them.

The only thing you have to do is send one of your reps to the lead’s home, at the time and date we’ve scheduled.

This results in a streamlined process, where more of your time can go toward meeting with sales prospects who are serious about solar. They have genuine interest – as proven by their willingness to commit to a consultation.

Get Your Ready-Made Appointments with Grid Freedom

By partnering with us, you’ll be delivered 100% exclusive, thoroughly screened leads that have already been confirmed for consultation appointments. Your sales team will be more effective, and your lead-acquisition dollars will be put to better use.

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