What Does Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Mean for the Solar Panel Industry

Biden’s American Jobs Plan was recently proposed as a major stimulus for the economy, packed with many new infrastructure projects and initiatives. The administration has expressed many energy-related goals for this new plan, including making energy more affordable for the average American household.

So just how will this plan affect solar contractors? Below, we discuss how specific points of the plan will result in improved solar panel lead generation in the years to come.

Major ITC Extension Will Provide a Significant Solar Discount

While the ITC had just recently gotten a modest renewal, the infrastructure plan has proposed a 10-year extension. This move is expected to significantly aid the administration in reaching its carbon-free goals and making affordable energy more accessible throughout the country. The ITC has strongly contributed to solar’s expansion across the U.S., and has made it possible for many households to benefit from solar when it would otherwise be out of reach.

There is also a separate investment tax credit in development that would incentivize the construction of 20 GW of high-voltage-capacity transmission power lines. The resulting upgrade to the nation’s electricity transmission infrastructure would remove a major bottleneck in the fight to distribute clean energy far and wide. 

Building and Retrofitting Over 2 Million Housing Sites and Other Facilities for Green Power

To solve America’s housing crisis, Biden’s infrastructure plan proposes mass construction and retrofitting to create residences that are both affordable and sustainable. A big component of this is the installation of solar power generation systems. Since the cost of everyday energy use has become burdensome for so many American households, the plan acknowledges that housing isn’t truly affordable unless it can offer minimal utility consumption as well.

Commercial buildings and federal facilities are also part of this initiative, so contractors can expect to see a major uptick in solar projects across all markets.

Helping Contractors Succeed with Solar Panel Lead Generation

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