The Solar Panel Lead Industry’s Dirty Secret

Unless you’re operating in a bustling and wealthy area, chances are that your solar contracting business isn’t swimming in customers every day. You may already be sourcing some solar panel leads from a third-party, or at least considering it as a solution to low-sale periods.

But when you’re paying for leads, you want to be certain that you aren’t dealing with competition. Otherwise, what’s the point of the investment when you can still end up losing the customer to another contractor?

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get stuck in this situation without even knowing it. Some solar marketing companies fail to disclose that they sell each of their leads to multiple contractors. In some cases, even when the agency itself isn’t selling to more than one contractor, their source for the leads is.

Are You Paying for Secretly Shared Leads?

Something contractors often don’t know is that many of the agencies they buy leads from don’t generate the leads themselves. They actually operate as middlemen suppliers who get their leads from a larger generation company.

So not only are contractors paying an inflated price to cover their agency’s profit margin, they’re also getting sub-par leads. The first reason is that these large lead suppliers are generalists: they churn up leads for a variety of industries, meaning they don’t have the specialized knowledge or processes necessary to spot a quality solar customer. And perhaps most importantly, big suppliers like Modernize distribute the same leads to multiple sub-market solar marketing agencies. 

This means that even if your agency is providing you with a lead they haven’t sold to anyone else, that lead may still have been shared among other agencies and their customer contractors. The promise of “exclusive” lead access may be technically true for the agency’s sales practices, but it isn’t true for the leads themselves.

Securing a Safe & Trustworthy Lead Source

It’s certainly discouraging when you feel like you can’t trust the quality of the leads you’re paying your hard-earned money for. But if you can find an honest supplier, you won’t have to deal with this worry.

The key is to select a solar marketing agency that doesn’t just promise exclusivity, but also generates all of their leads themselves. This removes other agencies from the equation completely, giving you peace of mind that your leads are going directly to you, and only you.

Grid Freedom has become one of the country’s most reputable sources of solar panel leads because it is actually able to provide 100% exclusivity. In-house lead generation by a live team with specialized solar expertise allows us to drum up only the most promising leads available, without any competition whatsoever.

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