Have You Planned How You’ll Source This Fall’s Solar Sales Leads

This summer was the first season since the pandemic in which many contractors were able to return to some semblance of normalcy. The major drop in restrictions allowed for business to resume just in time for the solar high season.

However, things haven’t been smooth sailing. This period has created a lot of instability that is breeding resistance to solar. Many homeowners have dealt with job losses and pay cuts, or resigned to achieve a better work-life balance. Others moved to entirely new cities or states in order to lower their cost of living. All of these changes have made for tighter wallets and less security, making homeowners less likely to feel that going solar right now is a good idea.

This fact that summer sales have been underwhelming only makes fall’s arrival more worrisome. Always bringing a natural drop in activity, fall will likely be even more tepid as countless homeowners decide it’s best to put off thoughts of solar until next year, when circumstances may be better.

Contractors that haven’t gotten enough sales to pad their coffers well are facing a challenge. Especially if they haven’t worked out a plan for just how they will bring in leads during a further drop in demand.

Strategies for a Successful Fall

If you’re one of the contractors in this boat, it’s not too late to develop an effective lead generation plan. The foundations of your plan will vary depending on your location and particular market, but the strategies that work best will address the following factors:

  • Who in my area is able to buy solar right now, and am I appealing to their needs?
  • Am I adapting my product offerings to meet current market demands and spending limitations?
  • Does my marketing directly promote and answer reasons why solar should still be installed this fall?
  • Am I diversifying my lead sourcing by outsourcing a portion of generation work to a proven agency?

The last point is probably one of the most important to consider. You can have an excellent, on-point marketing plan in place, but if you don’t have the staff or resources to execute it and scale as needed, you’ll still have trouble meeting your lead quotas.

A dependable solar marketing agency like Grid Freedom can deliver ready-to-meet leads directly to you whenever you have empty slots in your calendar. Because we handle all of the marketing and screening work, each lead will arrive without the need for any preparation on your part. Just mark the scheduled appointment in your books and arrive at the consultation as you would with any other customer. The process takes the stress off of finding enough leads, and saves you from having to invest excess time and costs into attracting and vetting those customers.

Your Solar Sales Leads Will be Waiting

Grid Freedom is ready to supply you with the leads you need this fall. Membership is completely free, and leads come with no strings attached. You’ll never be bound to bulk purchasing or contracts – just order what you need and meet with high quality customers who have been verified as serious buyers.Sign Up to Establish Your Source of Ready Leads

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