Looking Forward: How We’re Ensuring Solar Contractors Thrive in 2021

We’ve happily said goodbye to 2020, and are heading into the new year with optimism. While it may be hard to be hopeful after such a rough period, we are committed to helping solar contractors throughout America not just recover, but to make 2021 a year of great financial growth.

As one of the country’s most trusted solar lead companies, we’re working harder than ever to give you the leads you need for your business to flourish. Below, you’ll find our 3 key initiatives to make this happen.

Taking the Marketing & Screening Process off Your Hands

Even in the best periods, we know solar contractors are short on time. Now that budgets are tight and customers are scarce, your staff is likely downsized, and they’re wearing many hats at once. Trying to fit in full marketing campaigns and lead screening is a serious challenge.

That’s why our service model completely eliminates these tasks from your list of responsibilities. We handle all aspects of lead generation and screening, allowing your team some breathing room while they focus on administration, product sourcing, sales, and installations.

Our intense focus on this side of things also ensures that you get better quality leads. No more wasting time and money on campaigns with lackluster results. We supply the manpower and expertise to generate the best leads in your market.

Protecting Your Leads from the Competition

Having the best leads delivered into your hands is not worth much when they’re being pursued by other hungry contractors. This is why, unlike many other agencies, we only sell leads on an exclusive basis. No lead you buy from us will ever be sold to your competitors.

This gives you the best chances of driving the deal home. You don’t need to rush customers and lay on the pressure. And your customers aren’t going to disappear because they were too overwhelmed by a horde of contractors vying for their business. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Streamlining Your Sales Process

Sourcing leads is one thing, but securing an appointment with them is a whole other challenge. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about that either. We take all the pre-sale tasks of your hands by scheduling your first appointment with the lead.

This guarantees that you never have to deal with leads that fizzle out before a meeting, and you have certainty that you’re working with a customer who is serious about solar. Furthermore, your staff won’t be tied up with making calls in the hopes that they can get leads to agree to a consultation. All you need to do is have a sales representative show up for the appointment and get right to the sale.

A Solar Lead Company That Works in Your Best Interests

The better our contractors do, the better we do. It’s a simple principle, but not one that most solar lead companies operate by. If you’re looking for a partner that will work with you to achieve the most profitable year possible, Grid Freedom is the team you need on your side. Kick the Year Off with New Sales – Sign Up Free

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