Why Contractors Need Solar Panel Lead Generation with Guaranteed Appointments

With hard times affecting contractors for nearly the past two years now, many are seeking outside help with their solar panel lead generation. Installers are enlisting the services of agencies that specialize in sourcing solar leads so that they don’t have to worry about finding them themselves.

While this strategy has gotten great results for some contractors, it’s only really effective if a certain set of circumstances are met. First, the leads must be screened by a live human who’s trained to identify customers that are financially qualified and genuinely interested in proceeding with a solar installation. Second, the leads that make the cut should have appointments guaranteed. Because what’s the use of paying for a lead that doesn’t even result in a meeting?

Guaranteed Appointments Are a Must – But They Aren’t Common

Some of the nation’s top lead companies aren’t able to guarantee appointments for their purchasing contractors. They can claim to offer leads with great potential, with all the right signs for leading to a sale, but most agencies still leave it up to the contractors to secure their own appointments with the leads they’ve bought.

Unfortunately, many of those leads they paid for never make it to the consultation stage. Purchasing leads from the better agencies still sees only about 20-35% converting to appointments, and the cheaper ones yield appointments at a disappointing 10% or less.

This means that the majority of the leads contractors are buying won’t pay off, digging them into an even deeper financial hole. It’s an investment with poor returns, one that most small to medium-sized contractors can’t afford.

Grid Freedom Can Promise Customer Meetings

Grid Freedom is one of the only agencies in the industry able to offer guaranteed appointments with every lead sold. Our business model is responsible for helping contractors minimize risk and stay within budget when they’re already struggling to bring in enough sales.

Of course, this means that we don’t have the same lead volume as competitors, since we’ve already weeded out the duds that won’t convert to appointments. But this gives our contractors the security they need to secure actual sales.

Better Lead Standards Get More Sales

So why not stick with an agency that provides guaranteed appointments for every lead you get?

Grid Freedom surpasses industry norms by delivering leads that have:

  • Already been scheduled for their consultation meeting
  • Been sourced in-house via attraction-based inbound marketing
  • Screened by live phone calls with expert agents
  • Isolated from all other competing contractors

No purchase minimums or other binding terms are imposed, giving contractors the ultimate freedom to buy only what they need.Sign Up for Scheduled Customer Appointments Today

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