Prospects are Good: Expanding Your Reach for Residential Solar Leads

While the 2022 solar industry is forecasted to grow by 25% less than previously predicted, there is still cause for optimism. The last year ended with a 33% year-over-year increase in installed capacity, and the 3rd quarter saw more residential installations than ever before seen in that time frame (130,000+).

This momentum will be built upon with the current administration’s extension of the solar ITC and numerous clean energy programs. In addition, the fact that the pandemic is lowering in severity will likely bring greater stability to the supply chain, pricing, and consumer purchasing power.

Given this promising outlook, contractors can expect a large number of residential solar leads to enter the market. The challenge lies in ensuring that they can access their share of these customers.

Many companies are trying different tactics to secure more sales in the coming year, some leaning heavily into marketing investments. But those who are seeing the most effective results are the ones that establish a direct source of leads that have already been cut off from competitors and screened for qualifications.

Solar Lead Agencies Deliver a Direct Supply

Solar lead agencies like Grid Freedom have built their business model on doing all the lead generation and screening themselves, then delivering those prospects exclusively into the hands of the purchasing contractors.

Contractors who use this partnership to fill gaps in their sales numbers month-to-month will experience greater revenue security, having built a regular income of connections with likely customers.

Securing this consistent supply of leads for yourself can make all the difference in your growth trajectory, allowing you to not only make up for any losses accrued through the pandemic, but also accumulate the funds to create a better safety net and plan for future expansions.

Working with a solar lead agency even for a relatively short period can expand your lead reach long term. More sales can be accrued in this time frame, resulting in a robust portfolio of satisfied customers. These former clients can play a major role in organically raising the profile of your business, giving referrals and spreading the word within the local market.

The Best Partner for Leads

Grid Freedom is the name most recommended by contractors who value receiving well-screened leads that have been isolated from the competition. Our leads offer a higher ROI than those produced by most other agencies, who often perform only minimal vetting, and even resell the same leads to multiple contractors.

If you’re looking for a dependable supplier of leads you can count on, sign up for free with Grid Freedom today. You’ll never be required to sign any contracts, or purchase more leads than you need. We’re 100% confident in the value of our leads, and know that what we offer is worth coming back for. Sign Up to Access all the Profitable Leads You Need

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