About Grid Freedom, Inc.

We provide only the highest quality lead generation services for solar installers like you. If you’re a licensed solar contractor with a reputation for great customer service, we’ll supply you on-site evaluations with qualified homeowners.

How is Grid Freedom different from other lead generation services?

We started this business with the mission to be different from other lead generation companies. After suffering through years of frustration and expense dealing with traditional lead companies ourselves, we knew there had to be a better way. A way that would provide leads worth chasing, leads that were qualified, convertible, and truly exclusive. We were determined to give solar installers a lead partner they could trust.

No more wasting time on leads generated through gimmicks. No more homeowners confused by who you are and why you’re calling. No more competing with five other contractors for the same lead. No more bad leads, period.

When you get your solar installation leads from Grid Freedom, you can enjoy a partnership with your best interests in mind. You’ll never be subjected to contracts, pre-payments, purchase minimums, or lopsided return policies. Only 100% exclusive, pre-set appointments with homeowners that are eagerly waiting to meet with a solar contractor. With Grid Freedom, you have the ultimate source of top quality solar leads for sale.

Our Partners In Media

To bring you valuable solar installation leads, we’ve teamed up with some of the world’s top green media networks. These include the solar lead generation website, Cost of Solar, and the world’s most trafficked clean energy website, CleanTechnica. It’s all part of our partnership with the Important Media Network, a sustainability-oriented blog network averaging millions of readers per month.

The Important Media Network attracts people searching for information about green living, energy efficiency, solar power, and other sustainability topics. We’ll help you connect with the ones who are qualified homeowners interested in going solar.

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